MegaTree provides bespoke software development services in the cutting edge mobile technologies arena.

Mobile technologies:
Apple Objective-C Xcode development
Unity 3D development
C# .NET through Mono libraries
Location services with raw GPS input
Contrained bandwidth cellular data services
Bespoke hardware integration for prototyping
Embedded systems firmware development

Web technologies:
Javascript and JQuery
Web services

Server/backend development:
C# .NET services
SQL databases (Microsoft, MySQL, Oracle, etc.)
SSL and encrypted communications over the internet
Interfacing with MNOs and aggregators for SMS and PSMS
Integration with existing and/or legacy systems

MegaTree develops games for smart phones and tablets.
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Vorble is a fun and easy-to-learn addictive ‘Mind Sport’ game where you battle to control a 3D board without edges.
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