An innovative multiplayer online role playing game for GSM mobiles, ‘Gangsta’ was set in a British “grime crime” world where players inhabited a virtual rendition of urban London, and could explore a variety of different locations at which they could interact with other players and Non-Player Charachers (NPCs) or do illegal activities: buy and sell drugs, buy weapons and protection, form networks of clans and buddies, fight and kill other players or heal themselves, put contracts out on other players, rob weaker players, taunt each other into a fight, purchase bling to impress, and generally misbehave and have fun. The object of the game was to earn Respect, which was accumulated by successfully undertaking any or all of the activities in the game.

Gansta was released in 2004 and intially played via SMS, and later WAP. MegaTree's systems utlised fuzzy logic to interpret players' "text speak" actions and resolve keying in errors, applied a sophisticated AI to control persistent NPCs, supported a complex enviroment which included real-time markets, and delivered back descriptive prose within the 160 character limit of SMS; the later version worked via dynamically built menus in a WAP browser.

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