Vorble is a new classic abstract strategy board game, the latest ‘Mind Sport’ *, using a fun new concept: a board without edges. Easy to learn, difficult to master.
* Mind Sports include Chess, Go, Bridge and Draughts (Checkers).

You can play Vorble either with your friends in two-player games or work your way through the increasingly skillful and devious artificial intelligences in single-player games.

Vorble is fully integrated with popular social networks and has a dedicated website where you can watch replays of two-player games:
Apple Game Center

Vorble is currently available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad and is localised with English, German, French, Italian and Spanish languages.

Vorble icon
Vorble text

Vorble is available to buy in the Apple App Store and costs £1.49 in UK, €1.59 in Europe, US$1.99 in USA, C$1.99 in Canda, A$1.99 in Australia and US$1.99 in the rest of the world.

Available on the App Store
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